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64. Trust for Public Land (TPL)
(Latest update 2001)

116 New Montgomery Street
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 495-401
Fax: (415) 495-4103
Web site:

Key Personnel

Martin J. Rosen, Pres.

Finances (1997)

Assets: $87,282,877
Income: $46,044,316

Coalition Involvements

Too many to list, but TPL's annual report notes that it has worked with over 300 of the nation's 1,200 land trusts.
The N.Y. State DEC and the U.S. Forest Service are among the government bodies in New York State with which TPL works with.


The Trust for Public Land has not been involved in acquiring giant tracts of land in the North Country yet, but it indeed has been involved in land acquisition throughout the State and in the north, albeit not rivaling TNC , OSI, or the Conservation Fund in magnitude of their acquisitions up north.

In addition to acquiring land on behalf of government, TPL advocates in Congress for passage of legislation to make possible more government land acquisition. Key programs that it lobbies for are the Land and Water Conservation Fund, Conservation and Reinvestment Act, Transportation Enhancements under TEA-21 (a follow-up to ISTEA), Wetlands Reserve Program, Farmland Protection Program, and Forest Legacy Program.

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