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68. Wild Earth Magazine
(Latest update 2001)

P. O. Box 455
Richmond, VT 05477
(802) 434-4077
Fax: (802) 434-5980

Key Personnel

David Foreman, Publisher
Monique Miller, Executive Director
Tom Butler, Editor
Reed Noss, Science Editor
Jennifer Essex, Assistant Editor
Mary Byrd Davis, Associate Editor


See: Cenozoic Society


See: Cenozoic Society

Coalition Involvements

"Wild Earth is published quarterly by the Cenozoic Society, Inc...The Cenozoic Society is a non-profit, educational, scientific, and charitable corporation." (Wild Earth, p. 3, Summer 1998)

Organizational Description and Goals

"Wild a quarterly journal melding conservation biology and wildlands activism. Our efforts to strengthen the conservation movement involve the following:

"We serve as the publishing wing of The Wildlands Project..." (Wild Earth, p. 2, Summer 1998)

"Wild Earth and The Wildlands Project are closely allied but independent non-profit organizations dedicated to the restoration and protection of wilderness and biodiversity..." (Wild Earth, p. 2, Summer 1998)

Board of Directors (Cenozoic Society)

Katie Alvord (Mich.)
John Davis (Vt.)
Dave Foreman (N. M.)
David Johns (Ore.)
Reed Noss (Ore.)

(Dave Foreman (of monkeywrenching notoriety), John Davis, and Reed Noss are considered the founders of the Wildlands Project.


This expensively published, but rustic appearing magazine is a well-funded attempt to popularize the wildlands project while romantically deceiving the readers about the extremely radical intentions of the leadership. The original publication of Noss's, Foreman's and Davis's agenda stated that the short-term goal was to restore fully half of the coterminous states to wild state, and that the long-term goal was to re-wild the country to eliminate human influence from 90 percent of these 48 states. Predators are to be fully restored and to roam without interference by human settlements (which will be confined to tight-knit centers of population) or their agriculture and other production for human needs.

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