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 Signal No. 1


How Environmentalism is Being Used as a Tool to
Instill Terror into American Citizens

by Carol W. LaGrasse

The Apology Billboard

The coerced public apology, a unique tool of communist China at the height of "re-education," is now coming into vogue to herald the new environmental regime.

Target: a 74-year old man, a respected citizen who belongs to several community organizations, has worked hard all his life, and is living out his years in security on a modest income from his investment. He is a World War II veteran, who fled Holland ahead of the Nazi advance and joined the U. S. forces.

— after his modest, attractive house is in place on a lot where a decrepit bait camp was situated, his septic system installed, with all local building permits, on land the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers designated "uplands" on a prominent highway in a developed area...
"discover" Marinus Van Leuzen "violating the law," then cite him for a "wetlands" violation.

The punishment exacted by Judge Samuel B. Kent of the U. S. District Court of Galveston, Paula Wise of the Corps of Engineers Galveston District, and Millie M. Billingsley, Corps of Engineers Counsel;
— $350 monthly fine for 12 years, totalling $50,400, for defacing a parcel of under half-acre.
— create a wetland as a moat around the house, designed and managed at great expense by professional wetlands biologists, deeper than the original land or surrounding land
— after 8 years (when Mr. Van Leuzen will be 80 years old), remove the house
— harass and increase his legal costs by such means as threat of jail for contempt of court every step of the way
— and erect a giant 10-foot by 20-foot billboard of apology on State Highway 37.

These are the words of Judge Kent as he pronounced in his "Memorandum Opinion, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Final Order" that Mr. Van Leuzen would be the scapegoat for the planet's environmental woes:

"Is there nothing about the united States of my youth, aside from youth itself, that I miss sorely now? There is one thing I miss so much that I can hardly stand it, which is freedom from the certain knowledge that human beings will very soon have made this moist, blue-green planet uninhabitable by human beings. There is no stopping us. We will continue to breed like rabbits. We will continue to engage in technological nincompoopery with hideous side effects unforeseen. We will make only token repairs on our cities now collapsing. We will not clean up much of the poisonous mess that we ourselves have made."
- Kurt Vonnegut
"(W)hat defendant perpetrated, in open and willful defiance of applicable law and repeated notice of violation, is no more commendable than progress's genocidal treatment of this continent's indigenous peoples generations ago."

Mr. Van Leuzen's friend, Kenneth McCasland, accompanied him through this ordeal, and said that even without the sentencing terms the Judge Kent's castigating of Mr. Van Leuzen had the effect of "cruel and inhuman punishment."

He was an eyewitness and filmed the U. S. Government harassment of Mr. Van Leuzen. When the house and septic were in place and Mr. Van Leuzen was placing a slab and confronted by Paula Wise, he stopped the work to find out what permits were required.

10 by 20 foot billboard

"As a result, Mr. Van Leuzen made a trip to the Corps of Engineers in Galveston and was informed that six different agencies would have to approve before he could make any further use of his own property! Knowing the likelihood of getting six different government agencies to act in agreement or in a timely manner, and with his home so close to being ready, Mr. Van Leuzen went ahead and finished what he had begun. The Corps of Engineers went to all material suppliers in the community and threatened them with future permit problems if they make any deliveries to the Van Leuzen property. To retaliate against this sort of injustice, Mr. Van Leuzen obtained a concrete mixer and finished the job himself. This standing up for his rights had the same effect as waving a red flag in front of a bull. One day, while doing some finish work around his home, Mr. Van Leuzen was accosted by two members of the EPA, two members of the Corps of Engineers and two armed FBI agents. The FBI agents were there to protect the environmental agents while they took soil samples on Mr. Van Leuzen's property. They even asked if there were any weapons in the house and told Mr. Van Leuzen that he could not enter his own home without being accompanied by one of the agents. Being known in the area as a 'hard headed Dutchman,' his answer to this intrusion was that he, and he alone, would go in his house whenever he pleased!"

Mr. McCasland believes that the charges and sentence are punishment because Mr. Van Leuzen did not "cower to their power and authority" that day.

Is this the U. S. A.?

The U. S. Government environmental agencies are now threatening more victims with giant apology billboards.

How long will Americans allow an environmental Gestapo in the United States of America?

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