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Willing Seller Willing Buyer
(Reprinted by permission of Bo W. Thott, Washington County Alliance, Cutler, Maine)

Appendix 2

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No follow-up letter is planned - Please respond!


Dear former landowner

February 1993

Please take a minute to comment on the statements below and return one copy to us, uncut. Your name was provided us in response to a Freedom-of-Information-Act request as someone who sold land to the National Park Service in FY 1992. We are researching. whether some sales involved a degree of federal coercion. Commonly, a federal land agency labels any seller who settles out of court "willing seller" even when under government duress.

Please check off on all statements even if they seem repetitious. Your reply will be tabulated and compared with federal acquisition statistics. Help us with your stamp!

Sincerely yours

Bo W Thott, Secretary

Park Service


1. The sale was entirely voluntary on my part [ ] 1 [ ]
2. I sold under federal pressure [ ] 2 [ ]
3. My land was inside a park or preserve [ ] 3 [ ]
4. Restrictions had reduced the value/use of my land [ ] 4 [ ]
5. The sale price was decided in court = eminent domain [ ] 5 [ ]
6. The case went to court but was settled out of court [ ] 6 [ ]
7. The case was settled without having gone to court [ ] 7 [ ]
8. Please feel free to comment on the reverse [ ] 8 [ ]

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The ALLIANCE is a grassroots, property-rights organization formed in 1988 in response to due-process violations by the National Park Service in a federal/state secret survey for 10 years of a 20-mile coastal area with a view to designate it a Natural Landmark and thus make it a candidate for a National Park.

Washington County Alliance, HCR 69 Box 336, Cutler, ME 04626


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